Bay Area Wedding Photographer Reviews


Letitia and Roman Varchovsky: 

Dana of EnLuce Photography was the most amazing, talented, FUN, creative photographer ever! Our Costa Rican wedding was magical and she captured the spirit and the beauty of each and every moment. Dana both went above and beyond our expectations. Our photos are incredible works of art and we are forever grateful for the memory of our love. When she asked me if I would be willing to rappel a waterfall in my wedding dress the day after the wedding…I knew we were in for a shoot that we would forever cherish and we will. The waterfall shot among many others are true masterpieces!!!!! We highly recommend EnLuce Photography–what a team! Pura Vida! 

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann: 

Dana truly has a gift for capturing magic. I don’t know which I loved more: my actual baby shower, or looking at Dana’s photographs afterwards. She was able to capture the mood, the love, and the huge anticipation in everybody’s eyes. I remember being at the shower and wanting to drink in all the moments–and that’s exactly what Dana’s pictures allowed me to do. Her love for her artform infuses everything she does. She had already dazzled us with her photos of our wedding. Out of everyone shooting that day, hers was the shot published in People Magazine. Looking at the pictures of children on her site, we can’t wait to have her photograph our son. 

Dorion and Irene Thomas: 

“How lucky we were to find Dana ! She is not only a great artist, but also incredibly professional. There are so many wedding photographers out there that seem to have one particular style, 

but there are so few like Dana that can capture such a special day in so many beautiful and unique ways. The photographs produced not only gave us a visual reminder of our wedding, but are also works of fine art. People who were not even invited to the wedding have ordered pictures to hang on their walls because they thought they were so gorgeous and well done. Selecting Enluce Photography was truly one of the best decisions we made.” 

Queens Entertainment Group, Inc.: 

Dear Dana, 

I would like to thank you for being our photographer on the “U Don’t Know Me”, the musical. It was a huge success! I want to thank you for being so dedicated and making sure that the director was satisfied with the photography during the entire production! Your dedication and positive attitude showed through the amazing photographs that you created! Everyone was so impressed with those poster board photographs, even some of the cast members could not believe what you captured of them! Mark E. Swinton, the director, was in love with his black and white photo! You were truly amazing! We look forward to working with you again in the near future and keep up the good work! 

Angelique Pitney: 

Oh my God!!! You have done it again! The girls look fabulous and you got THEM really them. Of course you 

did but it still amazes me how intuitive you are at capturing these girls–how well you grab their personalities in an instant of being with them again–the colors are beautiful, the saturation the light..I can’t wait until everyone is awake and able to look at these… 

Dana, I will always be a recommendation for you— just wish you could live in my life and photograph it as it really is! Every day! Is every shoot like this? So successful that no one can choose? When I have my novel published will you shoot the picture for the back? You add such light to my life and for the next 100 years I will be thanking you for capturing the essence of our girls –we will never forget… 

Lara Edelbaum: 

It’s been almost six months since my wedding, and though I’ve told you a hundred times at least, I have to tell you again how appreciative and in awe I am of your contribution to and participation in my wedding with Jonathan. You were the only ‘vendor’ who went beyond expectations, and deeply contributed to making sure our day was perfect for us. 

Much was harried because our ‘day-of’ coordinator flaked at the last moment (from the structure-less formal picture-taking session, to our ring-bearers’ last minute panic attack and flower girls’ ‘melt down,’ to our band forgetting to mc the event and even call us to cut the cake!). It was your sweetness, sense of humor, sense of propriety, and ability to thoroughly control all the unforeseen variables that helped put me at ease and enable me to savor the actual moment. 

Our friends and family loved you and your teams’ personality, professionalism, and photojournalism approach. In the best sense, you made us feel like we had our own dedicated Papparazzi—we didn’t know you were there, and yet you and your fabulous team were everywhere! Your photographs insightfully captured the tiniest subtleties of this most incredible event in our life. Your pictures will forever make me laugh and cry (in the best sense) at the same time. 

When we met before the wedding, it was your upbeat and pragmatic personality that I loved, and your candid and poignant photographs of children captivated me. Coming from a media and finance background I could not help but appreciate your thoroughness in understanding all aspects of the event to come, ability to negotiate and create a win/win transaction, and closing of the deal beautifully — thereby beginning what I see as a lifetime relationship. Your receptivity since the wedding has been incredible (and so not the norm, as I’ve seen, in the wedding business) – like spending hours with me choosing the photos for my book. 

I can’t tell enough people who are looking for a photographer for an event, a family portrait, or any other reason how lucky and honored they would be to work with you. All I can do is tell you once again how much I cherish the work you did, and you – because your heart so clearly is in every one of those pictures and in making the overall picture something wonderful. 

With so much love and appreciation, 

Erik Van Wyck: 

You know, I gotta tell you guys… over the years I have probably spent thousands of dollars on headshots, easily. I don’t think I’ve ever been really happy, or content, with one. I’ve come close, sure, but never 100 percent. 

In all those years, what I’ve been searching for… Dana basically took care of one late afternoon. It may sound like I’m being dramatic, but I just got the photos on a disc and I think they’re great. Simple, effective, but most of all, just a straight-forward shot of yours truly. Why has that been so hard to get? I don’t know. 

Anyway, I’d just like to thank you again for your time and effort. I can’t tell you how much I really appreciate it and how happy I am with these. It was a pleasure to meet you , and hopefully F & I will see you on April Fool’s Day for your birthday. 

Wendy Kennedy: 

We really love the pictures!! Thank you again for making the whole process easy and fun!! (And thank you very much for getting these to us so quickly!) BTW, one of the comments we heard the most from everyone at the wedding was about how great you were. No one had ever been to a wedding with photographers that were so personable and fun, and everyone remarked that you guys made a big difference in the overall feel of the day! Thank you and I hope that you have a fabulous time in SF, Italy, and then Africa, although it would be hard not to in any of those places! 

Lulu & Mark Ioele: 

We were very impressed by the whole enLuce team on our wedding day. Their efficiency and detail-oriented pace were very noticeable to us, we felt like celebrities! 

Dana, a true artist, impressed me with her ability to capture both my bridal shower and wedding themes, two very different styles but both so successfully executed. The video shot in Super 8 film by David was a perfect idea for our Italian/Frank Sinatra rich and bold theme. We could not have selected a better creative and experienced team then EnLuce. 

Yvette Morales – Y’Sharis Spa and Rescue Spa: 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…Dana Hargitay’s pictures are worth a trillian words. Dana, you are such a brilliant photographer. I love your work! I remembering briefly explaining to you that our spa was tropical and you took our black and white vision and ran with it and brought it to life with such amazing color. Your photos completely captured and radiated the perfect zen spa like feel and exceeded our expectations. Your photos have made our website look so beautiful. Now, seven photo shoots later your work still continues to amaze me. We love you, your work and we will continue to use you for all our photo needs, you truly are the best. We always recommend you to eveyone. Thank you for all you’ve done for Y’Sharis, but especially thank you for your passion and loving what you do, and for doing it like no one else can…Flawlessly 

Amy Chiminello and Damian Carville: 

EnLuce’s photographers, Elizabeth and Henry were absolutely great. In truth, most of the time we hardly knew they were there and yet they managed to capture so many great candid moments throughout our entire event. Our intention was to have albums of artistic photos which represented the happy mood and spirit of us and our guests and this is what we got. We are delighted with the results. Also, we loved David as he edited our wedding DVD! I would recommend them to anyone. 

Monet and Jason Galanis: 

“EnLuce photography captured so many special memories for us. Dana and Bryan are so wonderful and and have such positive energy, they brought out the best in everyone they photographed. They both have that special eye to capture that unique moment in time on film….” 

Mike & Robyn Jazuk: 

“Thank you all so very much for the incredible wedding photographs! The memories of our wedding will be cherished for a lifetime! You are all Amazing photographers. So full of joy, happiness and Love! You made the day much more fun! We loved all of the candid shots you took. You all have an amazing talent for capturing that special moment when people are unaware and not posing for the camera! We are so happy with our experience with you as our wedding photographers that we automatically recommend enLuce Photography to any of our engaged friends! We just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to have you with us! Thank you so very much again for your excellent service!”